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In line with national need and international commitment to EVIDENCE-BASED HEALTH CARE Manmohan Memorial Medical College and Teaching Hospital is committed to involving itself through an enhanced partnership with local, national, and international stakeholders to strengthen quality health services in Nepal.


MMMCTH was established under the name of the Late Manmohan Adhikari, a great patriot and legendary political leader of Nepal and South Asia. Manmohan Memorial Medical College and Teaching Hospital (MMMCTH) is complementing the national health system by providing quality care to an underprivileged and marginalized population at affordable costs and producing quality human resources for health as per the need of the country.


Manmohan Memorial Medical College and Teaching Hospital is a 300-bedded hospital that is functioning since 13th July 2013 with all the specialties and some sub-specialties services. Meanwhile, the need for upgrading the infrastructure and developmental plan is ongoing for enhancing the quality and standard of the service.


The proposed medical college MMMCTH is in the process of obtaining affiliation from the relevant University to produce quality physicians as per the need of the country. However, there is still a need for additional resources for expanding the existing infrastructure and facilities.


In line with the national and international thinking of the Center of Excellence in health education, health service delivery, and health research Manmohan Memorial Medical College (MMMCTH) is collaborating with institutions within the country and abroad to deliver quality health services and production of human resources for health. MMMCTH is committed to enhancing partnerships with local, national, and international stakeholders. MMMCTH believes that the triangulation of health service, education, and research will help to develop technically competent, socially accepted, and internationally recognized professionals, educators, and researchers.   Through its technically renowned and professionally committed faculty members, MMMCTH is prepared to abet the government of Nepal to achieve its national and international commitments in the health and education sectors.   


The Motto of MMMCTH


“Education, Research and Service”, shall be the motto of MMMCTH which stands for quality health services which, together with scientific research, forms the essence of evidence-based health care.




  1. Thinking globally and implementing locally. MMCTH strongly believes evidence-based will serve the people’s aspirations by providing quality health services and producing competent human resources for health. Through its technically renowned and professionally committed human resources, MMMCTH is committed to supporting the government of Nepal to achieve its national and international commitments to provide quality health services to the citizen. While analyzing the global picture, in the world of the early 21st century the availability of essential health care, drug supply, water, and sanitation crises elicit only the most minimal and fragmented response. Thus, we put our cognitive efforts to think globally, and we take practical measures to implement them locally by strengthening quality health care.


  1. Reducing 2Ds- disease and deaths. With regards to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), there are about 7 years to go to the 2030 target date- the time-bound targets of the international community for ensuring health and well-being. At a practical level, it reminds us that time is running out—and that the deadline for the investments and policies needed to deliver results is fast approaching. However, health service facilities in Nepal and even in highly accessible areas are yet far beyond the reach of poor and middle economic class people. There is a distinct gap and discrepancy that has created an unmanageable load on government-aided hospitals. Thus MMMCTH is committed to engaging itself in this greater national agenda by reducing 2Ds.


  1. Initiating a national campaign on ‘New Nepal Healthy Nepali’. We at MMMCTH are committed to initiating a national campaign to ensure equity in health services delivery. Thus, we are engaging ourselves to formulate a strong national network that will help implement this ambitious commitment by offering quality health services at affordable prices.


  1. MMCTH possesses the philosophy of imparting medical education based on societal needs, international norms, and the latest medical practices, incorporating the trends in medical educational technology and research to both the Nepalese as well as Non-Nepalese students irrespective of gender, religion or caste thereby contributing to the development of Human Resources for Health in the private sector and in doing so, provide curative, preventive, promotive and rehabilitative health care to all those attending its hospitals or out-reach clinics in the district of its establishment.



Ensuring the health and wellbeing through the provision of evidence based health services so that people enjoy their life with sound health and with dignity.




Promote the quality of life of Nepali people through evidence-based practices complemented by research activities. 




Work in partnership with National and International stakeholders to provide health services  with special focus on those for whom services are underdeveloped in Nepal such a elderly population, poor & underprivileged ones, giving more emphasis to burning health issues requiring more attention and resources.




  • To provide quality health services with a due focus on the marginalized and underserved population.
  • To collaborate with institutions to produce human resources for health at an affordable cost to address the acute scarcity of human resources for health in the underserved areas of the country and cater to the health care need of the country.
  • To conduct capacity-building training and research activities to strengthen the quality of care.
  • To raise awareness on health-related issues through advocacy, information, education, and communication on health-related issues.
  • To enhance the knowledge-based capacities of the people to prevent and control communicable and non-communicable diseases.
  • To provide consulting services on major and prioritized health problems.
  • To organize health camps in the required geographical areas of the country for the underserved and marginalized sections of the societies.
  • To train health personnel who could take a lead role in planning, organizing delivering, and evaluating health policy and health care services within the country.
  • To take a lead role in publishing scientific papers based on the research and review.
  • To exchange knowledge, expertise, and resources among national/international academic, research and development agencies.

Certified by the ISO 45001:2018 | 9001:2015 | 14001:2015

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